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40K RUMORS: Grey Knights Tidbits

Aug 2 2010

rumors brought to the community by warseer’s Stickmonkey

So there have been scant rumors on the Grey Knight front for several months but some new stuff has been floating around today  Here are the big ones:

January-March 2011 release window (Q1)
Said to be a Grey Knight only codex (no Sororitas)

Boxed Sets
Power Armor Grey Knights – 10 man
Grey Knight Terminators – 5 man
Some type of walker has been making the rumor rounds of late, dreadnought possibly
Storm Raven

New Stern
Justicar upgrade IC
Paladin upgrade IC
New Inquisitor

Most squads have anti psyker powers
Librarian Dreads with Grey Knight weapon options
Psycannon is said to be: 24″ S:6 AP:3 with anti deamon/psyker abilities.
Allies are gone

~Q1 is still way out there on the other side of Dark Eldar so there is plenty of chance for lots of these rumors to change.  Have at it folks.
Top picture courtesy of Painted in Space

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