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Gencon 2010: Day 1

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Aug 7 2010

I was lucky enough to get to attend Gencon this year, and while I managed to take dozens of pictures the incredibly slow connection here at the hotel means I’ll only be able to upload my favorites.

For better or worse the limited numbers mean I’m going to be filtering what I can post based on my own preferences so hopefully this will all be stuff of interest to you too. First off, Privateer Press who have become a Gencon favorite. This morning the booth was so packed people were lining up to get in. I had to wait until around 5:30 to get a shot of the booth that wasn’t just a mob of people.

The big surprise this year were 5 new character warjacks which will be purchaseable as conversion kits to modify one of the existing plastic warjacks. I didn’t catch the names but as usual they have an affinity for particular casters with the exception of that Cryx monstrosity who I was told works equally well with any caster.

The Monsterpocalypse dome has returned, and this year Voltron is the center of attention.
Here is the new Skorne Ancestral Guardian character solo hinted at in the Mordikaar tier list. In the background you can see the massive extreme Titan Gladiator.

Malifaux by Wyrd miniatures has become a favorite of mine of late with its small buy-in and incredibly characterful and diverse miniatures and background. I stopped by at the booth and got a copy of the new Rising Powers expansion. I may not be able to resist heading back later for the Kirai and Ophelia boxes but for now willpower won out.

Here is the Gencon exclusive release, the Dreamer and Lord Chompy bits. He is also for purchase through the online store while Gencon is running.

And finally something new. The surprise at the Wyrd booth was these teaser minis for the upcoming Puppet Wars game, the details of which are currently unknown.

A year or so ago Cipher Studios purchased the IP for a French minis game I spent the last few years drooling over. Hell Dorado has such gorgeous minis I jumped at the chance to pick some up even barely knowing the rules. I got the Immortal and Daemons starters and plan to try playing a game tonight at the hotel.

And here are some case shots of the Saracens and Lost factions with a few mercenaries mixed in. It should be easy to see why I had to take some of these guys home.

Finally a few bits for you GW players. While GW does not have a booth here I still tried to take some shots of stuff you might find interesting. In the Hell Dorado booth I also found Max-Mini EU who make some great replacement heads for your favorite sci-fi and fantasy games. They were kind enough to take them out of the case so I could get this great shot to show off how gorgeous they are. They do some great WWII and Pirate style orc heads too.


I also got a shot of this massive Deathwatch banner for Fantasy Flight’s newest 40k RPG.

~ So thats day 1. I don’t know what else I might get around to snapping shots of, but if anyone’s dying to know anything, just ask in the comments section and I’ll try to get you an answer within the next couple of days or so. Hope you enjoyed the pics. Its been a lot of fun!

Ben Williams
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