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HOBBY CHALLENGE: Warjacks & Warbeasts Reminder

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Aug 14 2010

Hi Gang,

The hobby challenge is still  on, and the first entries are starting to come in.  So get those entries finished , shoot the pics and get your entires in. Its time for you Privateer Press hobbyists to strut your stuff! 

Here is a rundown of the challenge to job your memory:  The challenge is to submit to BoLS 2-4 high-quality pictures of the following:

-A single heavy warjack or warbeast choice (character heavy warjack/beast models are fine) for either Warmachine or Hordes painted for this competition (please don’t submit models you have already painted).
-It may be painted as you see fit, in the style best fitting your chosen theme.
-The miniature should be based on appropriate sized and shaped bases for your chosen game system (Warmachine-large warjack base)
-Weathering, fine detail work, elaborate base detailings and the like are all acceptable to dress up your entry.
-Shoot 2-4 pictures against a well-lit white background. Trust me, I can’t tell you how many cool entries have been disqualified because they were shot up against a dark, busy background, so please take the time to at least set up a curved piece of paper and a good light to shoot them against.
-One or two sentences of fluff describing the model, and its construction methods.

-Upload the finished entries to the BoLS Gallery (300kb maximum per picture) and Email us a link to them with the subject line “WARJACK-WARBEAST CHALLENGE” and the background fluff to the BoLS emailbox.

We will select the top entries and put up a poll once the deadline has passed. The winner gets a free copy of Grind and Scrappers from BoLS, mailed straight to your home, not to mention big-time bragging rights! Tell your friends to come get in on the action.
~The Deadline is August 21st. Gentlemen, so get those entries in! This is your chance to really show off to your fellow BoLS readers, so lets see what you all can do. I can’t wait to see what the community can come up with. GO!!!

  • Wargames Gallery 8-11-10