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WFB RUMORS: High Elves Minis List

Aug 20 2010

So as we approach the arrival of Island of Blood little drips and drabs are leaking out from overseas regarding the contents of the upcoming High Elves release window in october.  Here’s the latest list of what’s coming:

Updated High Elves Batallion Box with:
-20 Archers
-20 Spearmen
-1 Chariot
-1 Bolt Thrower

Phoenix Guard
White Lions
Dragon Princes

2 metal boxed sets
2 metal blisters

Apparently this is another release window in the trend of Games Workshop phasing out older metal kits with new plastic ones.  They do seem to be briskly putting the torch to the days of metal as fast as they can get kits transitioned over to plastic.

~Standard cveats apply to this list but we should be getting visuals and confirmations very soon at this late date.

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