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WFB Rumors: Orcs & Goblins Whispers

Aug 11 2010

So there is a lot of stuff out there all over the place.  Here’s the latest the interwebs are chattering about the Orcs & Goblins:

Written by Jeremy Vetock (of War of the Ring and the Skaven book fame)
Coming up in the schedule “soon” (in the mix along with usual suspects of Ogres and Tomb Kings)

Will be accompanied by several new plastic kits some of which are referenced in the 8th edition rulebook.

Sources say to look for a “Stegadon sized” kit of a massive forest spider – the “Arachnarok”.  This is hinted to have some type of topside fighting platform like the Steg and have tons of little spiders crawling all over.  Multiple platform mounting options are mentioned, also analogous to the Steg.

New Savage orcs are also mentioned.

Readers are advised to pore over the background section of the Orcs & Goblins in the 8th book for hints.

~Standard caveats on these rumors gang. Have at it

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