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40K Fan Content: Killzone Blitz

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Oct 9 2010
A Gentleman’s Ones

Hello again boys and girls, Unicorns and children of all ages; Brent here, and this is the Killzone Blitz… Bell of Lost Souls style!

Believe it or not, I don’t want to over-talk this: this ain’t about me.  It’s about fan content.  It’s about taking the game and owning it.

And that’s what Big Jim from Galaxy in Flames has done.  He and some mates have taken the best part of 40K and miniaturized it.  The games are around 200 – 225 points and you choose your army based on some very simple but well-thought out criteria.  There are some interesting options…

(Anyone remember Refractor Fields?)

…but for the most part the rules support the game without much fiddling.

Simple, right?  Sounds fun, right?  So give it a try – what’s stopping you?  You’ve got the miniatures already!

Here’s the links you need:

This weekend is the Killzone Blitz, where various fans will be posting their Killzone content on their blogs and forums – but I can’t speak for them.  Here’s my perspective.

The opening pic is from A Gentleman’s Ones; BSMoove is one of many hobbyists helping out with Killzone.  In fact, he’s building tables for Adepticon.  Point is, for me it’s about using models you don’t use often… or even at all.  I’ve been wanting a reason to paint this model since 1991.  Killzone gave me that excuse.

You can use Necrons in Killzone.  Where else are you going to use them?  🙂

I have a hard time giving up models.  Here are some from my old RTB1 ‘Homage’ Army and my Chaos Space Marines.    All I’ve been thinking about these last three days is which 225 points worth I want to use!

Yup.  Same thing.  It’s why I’m loving Killzone.  Break out the old boxes, folks!

But it’s fun to build new things, isn’t it?  While I haven’t finished my Brotherhood Killzone Skirmishers, I’ve made a start.  Eventually this will be my new army…

…so I might as well include that old Pink Horror Champion that’s been sitting in my bitz box for almost 2 decades!
That’s it.  It’s nothing you can’t get involved in!  Thoughts?  Comments?  Hugs and Gropings?

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