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SHOWCASE: Heresy Death Guard – Part 3 – Traitors

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Oct 13 2010

Hi folks.  Following up on the big army overview, and the Loyalist overview I’m here to show off a bunch of the promised closeup shots of the dastardly traitors from my beloved Death Guard army.  Lets take a look.

Looking at the traitors you can see deliberate design choices.  First off the goal was to represent the traitors fairly close their initial fall to Nurgle mid-heresy. What that meant modelling wise was a paintscheme that is fairly close to the Loyalist one, but with a bit more wear and tear.  The whites didn’t get highlighted up to the same bright levels as the Loyalists, and the washes and grime was left much more visible.  From a bits point of view, I ordered dozens of standard marine backbacks and swapped them out for the baroque CSM backpacks (except for a single squad of Possessed).  I put together a small bag of Loyalist shoulder pads, weapons, and heads, and made sure to sprinkle them in here and there to bring the entire traitor range a tad closer to the other elements of the army. Its a bit of a tricky line to walk but overall I’m happy with the results.

 Vehicles were assembled in a haphazard way with a general goal to represent chassis that had been previously knocked out of action, yet somehow still trundled along the battlefield with obvious unrepaired damage showing.


~Thanks for checking out the boys in white and green folks.  If you have any questions about individual models or conversions, comment away!

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