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40k-WFB Q1-2 Schedule Rumors

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Nov 9 2010

So as usual, lots of moving pieces in this puzzle, but as we approach the holidays, the chattering from all over is starting to gel into a pattern.  Here’s what we’re piecing together:

Jan: Skaven 2nd Wave
Feb: Orcs & Goblins (with a giant plastic spider)
Mar:  Grey Knights

Dark Eldar 3rd Wave
Usual army suspects are Tau/Necrons and Khemri/Ogre Kingdoms

Then there is this tantalizing bit about the “summer of flyers”

Originally Posted by Stickmonkey
So after reading the recent post about Jes’s comments I wanted to get some inside skinny.

We know Jes mentioned the DE flyers as being “on the way” And we have had constant rumoring of the Storm Raven.

Well I did some work asking and this is what I have to report.

There are currently 7 flyers in development…some complete, some nearing completion.


Possibility for a summer “Flyer” White Dwarf to introduce them, including special rules.

Tau, Eldar/DE, Ork, SM, Nid, ???

It makes a lot of sense, but if each of these is roughly the size of a Valk set, that’s a huge release.

It would give credence to prior rumors the Storm Raven would not be released with GK…assuming GK still make Q1.

It doesnt seem to invalidate anything Jes has said.

We have had a history of these “combined” releases occuring mid year for a few years.



Have at it folks, and standard caveats apply. I’m hoping for an Eldar Phoenix – how about you?

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