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Goatboy – I got a Fever – And I need more Webway Portals

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Nov 3 2010

Goatboy here again wanting to throw down some hobby love with my take on the webway portal. I saw the one listed from GW – and thought – Hey that looks like a Vortex grenade. So instead of buying one I thought heck I can make a cool looking one myself.

I went with red as the basis on mine as I really like red and it should have some matching in my army as my plan is to use small bits of red to define units throughout the force. I wanted to go with the idea that this portal rises from the ground, pulling in pieces of the earth into its hungry maw as it awaits the Dark Eldar to emerge out of it.

Besides the Webway Portal I planned on building and creating some Grotesques for my future army. I really liked how crazy the new Rat Ogres from the Isle of Blood looked and decided to take the ones I originally bought as Obliterator bases and made them my own mountain of tortured flesh. I have two more I made with the spike arm being converted into a liquifer gun and the other monster with spikes coming off its armor. I figured they represent the size needed as well as the idea that they are tortured creatures of whatever mad design their creator had. Heck I like the models a lot and the temptation to run the special character that gives them Toughness 6 is pretty tempting.

I went with a light flesh to make them seem like the Dark Eldar counterparts I plan on painting. I found a cool reference photo, an when I get a chance to get my greasy mits on some Wyches you will see what I have come up with. Hopefully I can do it justice as I feel it will look super creepy.

~Editor’s note, you should also check out these fantastic converted Grotesques in the Lounge.

If anyone is interested in having me make some webway portals shoot me an email to [email protected]. The cost runs at $10.00 for the model and paint job for those interested.  So who else is already working on conversions for some of the Dark Eldar units with no models so far?

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