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Goatboy’s 40k Thoughts – What I am Thankful For.

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Nov 29 2010

Goatboy here today talking about the things I am thankful for. I know some of you are thinking that I am probably thankful for the mean old Space Wolf codex – and yes I am thankful for that, but there is so much more. So without further ado a look back at the year and the things that made this Goat happy as a Pig in Poopie.

The Top Ten things Goatboy is Thankful for!

10. Well run Indy GT Events.

I got a chance to go to a few of these this year and all I can say is thank you guys for running them. No matter how many times I played a different style event I still had fun. Without these events I think Warhammer 40k in general would be hurt badly. I am hoping to make more next year so will watch out for the crazy Goat.

9. New Codexes with Flavor.

The new codexes have really started to show some pull into the good ole fun days of 40k. Gone are the static style armies. These new books have so many cool and new rules that it has become a lot more interesting to play 40k. Here is hoping the next years books are just as good as these years books.

8. For my Clients.

Whether it is art, minis or just some other kind of design work – I am thankful for my clients. Without them I probably wouldn’t be playing this as much. Plus it really helps keep the bills/expensive flowing from month to month. So thanks all those that want mean looking minis from me. As well as art too.

7. Better Plastic Models

I don’t know about you but the new plastics we are getting are some of the best kits I have ever seen. You know how much I love plastic models and I really feel most companies are starting to notice and push as much plastic as possible. All in all this is a great time for a modeler and painter as so many companies are moving away from the evil metal and going into the land of the dead dinosaur sludge known as Plastic.


6. Thankful my job lets me off on Thursdays – or as it is known locally – Wargaming night.

I got lucky in that my new schedule gives me time to play. I was missing it for awhile and now that I am getting it back again I find myself to be a lot less stressful. I am sure it has to do with the fact that playing these games was one of the few outlets for my competitiveness. Hooray for 4 day work weeks :).

5. I have a local store to play at.

I am lucky that I have a local store I can throw dice at. I try to buy things from there to help support a local business doing right by the players. I know not everyone has this option but if you got a local store you can play at, throw them some bones from time to time. I know this hobby is expensive but I always try to spread the love from my wallet to help everyone out.

4. Great local players.

I know that whenever I want a decent game I can easily find one. My local area has a ton of players and almost every army option available. This helps you figure out all the armies by getting a chance to get beaten by something new.

3. I have a wife that is cool with me painting models and going out of town to become numero uno DICE ROLLER KING SUPER AWESOME PANTS OF 40K!


Without my wife’s support I wouldn’t be playing this game. She might not always like it when I babble on and on about point cost and unit efficiency but she at least supports me and is cool with me playing.

2. The Fans, Readers, and the Haters

I am thankful for all the people that read this site. No matter you opinion on the material presented I am thankful people read the nonsense I write at times. The discussions that occur here are some of the most fun no matter how much you could think my thoughts are bunk. Haters are gonna hate and Fans are gonna be happy.

1. For the games and how much they bring us all together.

No matter how much I can disagree with a rule I am still thankful we have these games. Love it or hate it – without these games we wouldn’t have some of our best friends. Without any of these games I wouldn’t have an automatic hang out group when moving to a new town. Just having a way to find people that have similar likes is what keeps me buying this plastic crack.

These are the things I am thankful for whenever I think about my time away from playing these games and how much I missed. So the next time you are getting crushed and feel down just think – heck at least I am not just sitting at home watching bad tv 🙂  What are you thankful for wargamers?

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