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Dystopian Wars- Painting Your Fleet: Federated States

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Mar 3 2011

This is another guest post by Spikey Bits regular Meeker. Like a lot of people around the shop, he got into Dystopian Wars recently.

Read on to find out how he painted his Federated States of America Battlegroup, and feel free to catch up with him over at the Stony Point Refugee (SPR) Forums,

Painting Your Fleet- FSA
With the exception of a few washes, the ships were mostly painted with Vallejo Paints. I’ll use Games Workshop brand names here since that is what I’ve found most people are familiar with.

The deck is very easy to paint. I basecoated it bubonic brown, then hit it with a wash of Gryphonne Sepia. When that dried, I washed it again but didn’t cover the center-most section. Two to four more washes were applied that covered less and less so that the deck sections close to the rails ended up with the most layers.

For the siding and wheels, everything was based with Boltgun Metal. Then I hit the Boltgun with an equal mixture of Dead Flesh, Thraka Green,  Vallejo Glaze Medium, and water. Once that dried, the metal areas were painted with a mixture of Badab Black and Vallejo Glaze medium. I then applied a second coat was around the rivets for depth.

The turrets, gears, and smokestack were all basecoated Tin Bitz and then dry-brushed Boltgun Metal. I went back and picked out the turrets with straight Badab Black Wash. Finally the barrels, rails, and some of the smaller details were highlighted with Mithril Silver, and I hit the top of the smoke stack with a few more layers of Badab.

So that’s it. Pretty easy, GW washes have made painting a breeze!


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