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40k- Japan Relief Charity 40k Ard Boyz Style Tournament May 15th

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Apr 6 2011

MBGhere with another worthwhile gaming event.  If you are in the VA/MD/DC area we would love your support for our ‘Ard Boyz style 40k tournament on May 15th at 9am. All proceeds raised for the event going to The Red Cross’ Japan Relief fund, to help the country deal with the deepening crisis there.

There will be charity auction as well, during the day, starting as a silent auction and ending as a full on auction after the tournament.  If you have items you would like to donate for the auction please bring them by the shop or email me.
Since it is a charity event, and we are trying to raise money for the Red Cross, we are adding a few twists to the event!

There will be a silent auction, which will switch to a normal auction after the event for donated new and used gaming items.  We will also give each player the opportunity to purchase “cheaty dice” for the event (idea shamelessly stolen from the Game Vault) see below.

This is the raising money and really really fun part. Part of the game is to win by donating to the charity. The donations and the amount of donations you make will help you to not only win your games but help you win the overall tournament. The intent is that the winners should by and large be the ones who made supporting donations to the cause. Of course good generalship can overcome this, but it won’t be easy.

How to improve your odds.
1. “Cheatty Dice”.
For each dollar donated you will receive a token. You may play the token at any time during any of your games.
The token will allow you to reroll any dice on the board yours or your opponent. You may even reroll a reroll with the token do this as many times as you and or your opponent have tokens and wish to challenge the dice.
You may donate as much as you like but you cannot receive more than 20 Cheatty Dice

2. “Mega Cheatty Dice” For every $10 dollars or “tenth” dollar donated the normal reroll token will be replaced with a MEGA Token. The Mega token will allow all dice to be re rolled for any one unit for one phase of shooting/close combat to hit, shooting/close combat to wound, or saves.
You may donate as much as you like but you can only receive 2 Mega Cheatty Dice rolls.

3. “Cheatty Chits”. For every dollar donated (to include your admission fee) you will have a ticket entered into a raffle. (This raffle also includes prizes as well.) Every game 3 tickets will be pulled these tickets will allow the controlling player to utilize special rules/cheats during the game according to the cheatty chit.

There is no limit to how often you get a cheatty chit. Ever dollar donated will increase you chance at a cheatty chit and prizes.

To register you can call the store  804-464-1873 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            804-464-1873      end_of_the_skype_highlighting. Entry must be paid in advance to secure your spot in the event!


Ard Boyz games are no holds barred, where only the cheesyist most hard hitting lists will do.  Best part is there is no sports, comp or painting score! All you have to do to take home overall is WIN WIN WIN! So bring down your unpainted figs, and get stuck in!

1. General Information
Date: May 15th 2011 9AM
Location: FTW Games, Richmond VA
Entrance Fee: $10
Prize: 100% payout as FTW Games store credit

2. Schedule (estimate)
09:00 – 10:00; Registration
10:00 – 12:30; Round 1
12:30 – 13:15; Lunch + Army Judging
13:15 – 15:45; Round 2
15:45 – 16:00; Break
16:00 – 18:30; Round 3
18:30 – 19:00; Closing, Prizes, and Cleanup

3. Registration
This event is first come, first served. A spot may be reserved by paying the entrance fee at FTW Games in advance. No refunds. Lists may be submitted for review. Although this is encouraged, it is not required.

4. Things You Need To Bring
Each player is responsible for bringing the following items:
• Your army
• Dice (d6, scatter, and artillery)
• Measuring device(s)
• Templates and objective markers
• Three or more copies of your list. Lists must be printed and must have the stats for every unit, including saves.
• Army Book for your army. Although not required, it is suggested that you bring the current errata and FAQ material for your army.
• At least one rulebook between you and your teammate.

5. Army Restrictions
1850 pts Standard Force Organization.
The rules for Inquisitional allies are in effect.

WYSIWYG: Units must be WYSIWYG. Any model that fails to meet this requirement will be instantly removed from play (at your opponent’s discretion). Conversions and ‘counts as’ are allowed within reason (judges’ discretion).


Painted: Armies do not need to be painted to play or win overall, but wouldn’t it be sweet to have a whole painted army to play with. Painted figures play better!

6. Bracketing
Opponents will be randomly determined for the first round. Swiss pairing (using just the gaming score) will occur in the second and final round.

7. Prizes
All entrance fee money will be “the pot”, even from those that drop out. This money will be divided among the top winners as follows:

Overall Champion: 40%.
2nd: 30%.
3rd: 20%

Player’s Choice Award: 10% Each player will have the opportunity to rank each of the armies they have fought against using a simple checklist.

If a player wins multiple awards they will only receive the award with the highest prize and the award for any other category they have won will go to the runner up in that category.

Please help us with this great charity event, won’t you?

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