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40K RUMORS: Necrons are Stirring (lots of stuff in here)

Apr 26 2011

Suddenly lots of Necron stuff is flying all over the interwebs.  Lets see what’s out there.

You have three sources there from a variety of locations chiming in.  FoD is a refereance to the Fall of Damnos Necron based black Library novel.

On a related front, scattered reports are coming in of retailers no longer being able to order existing Necron plastic product codes. That would fit with the standard 3-4 month process to clear out the channel of inventory for an August Necron release.

~Lots of stuff in there to chew on, with different levels of veracity/detail from source to source.  Standard caveats for something still said to be about 4 months out.  I consider this to be the official ribbon-cutting ceremony for the Necron rumor season.  Have at it folks!  

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