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WARGamesCon 40K Primer Mission 2

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Apr 26 2011

Hi all, Jwolf here. I’ve got another WARGamesCon primer mission to prepare for you 40K championship players this week:

WARGamesCon Primer Mission 2

Deployment: Spearhead
Random Game Length

Primary: (13 points) Capture and Control. No points for ties.

Secondary: (10 points) Annihilation. Full points for more than 3 Kill Points over the opponent. Half points for 1 or 2 Kill points more. No points for ties.

Tertiary: (7 points) Modified Seize Ground (5 Objectives) Place one Objective in the center of the board and one objective in each unoccupied table quarter. The objectives in the unoccupied quarters should be 18” from the player’s long table edge and 12” from the side edge. The objectives placed for Capture and Control are the other 2 objectives for the tertiary. Full points for one objective more than the opponent. 4 points for ties.

This mission will likely be in the Championship Bracket for day 2. This is not a mission for early in the tournament. I’m interested to hear your thoughts on the mission and it’s placement in the tournament.

More Primer Missions will be up on the WARGamesCon website, so keep your eye out.
Let us know what you think of the mission structure – and all you folks with your awesome 1850 armies lying around on display boards just need to figure out what to do that the extra 150 points you need to be ready to rock and roll in Austin, Texas.  Register for WargamesCon2011 today, and lets see you in July!


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