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Warmachine NEWS: Unbound Brings Big Games to Your Tabletop

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Apr 20 2011

So there has been talk of this “Unbound” release headed our way.  It would appear that Privateer has a new ruleset that is about to hit the streets that will open up large scale games in the Iron Kingdoms.  More after the jump:

from PP developer Jason Soles:

UNBOUND is a system for large-scale WARMACHINE and HORDES battles in which players each field 150+ point armies with three or more warcasters/warlocks. It is more of a new way to play WARMACHINE and HORDES than it is a truly new system. It uses the same models and mostly all the same rules. Rather than just an escalation in scope, UNBOUND is a retooling of the WARMACHINE and HORDES systems that provides a truly unique play experience.

Throughout UNBOUND games, you and your opponent take turns activating portions of your armies, rather than the entire army each turn, giving you the chance to react to their opponent’s moves and keeping you both engrossed and focused on the game with little downtime. We wanted to bring massive battles to the tabletop without the massive waiting between turns.

…The complete rules for Unbound will be in No Quarter 36 along with a short appendix of model by model changes that streamline the interaction of some special rules with the modified turn activation system. No Quarter 37 will feature UNBOUND scenarios and future issues of No Quarter will continue to offer new UNBOUND content.

We have been having a blast playing and designing (and playing) UNBOUND for the past few months and it is really great to finally be getting this stuff out to you. This one was really a labor of love and I think it genuinely kicks some serious ***.

UPDATE: Privateer Press Formal Release Info

~Sounds like a halfway house between the current smaller scale Warmachine/Hordes ruleset and the wide open no holds barred world of GW’s Apocalypse.  Sounds pretty cool and seems like a healthy step towards opening up the play options for the Warmachine universe.


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