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40k Hobby- Dreadknight Conversions

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May 16 2011

As you may know, I held a contest last month over at Spikey Bits for converting up a Non-Astartes Pattern Dreadknight.

Well the due date came and went, and when the dust settled we got in some really awesome entries! I was absouletly amazed at the spectrum  that these conversions encompassed from Tau to even Necrons!

To me that is the prize itself, amazing conversions you may not see on a daily basis.

I’ve posted up the entries below, for the Spikey Bits Dreadknight Conversion Contest.

First off we have a Necron Pharaoh by Caleb Dillon, with Resurrection orb and War Scythe.


 Tau XL-18 Interdiction Armor, by Jim Howard



 Dreadmonkey by Thomas “Goatboy” Reidy



 Daemonknight of Slaanesh by Matt Ekola




 Soulgrinder of Khorne by Matthew Hoell



Imperial Guard Knight Pattern Walker by Hadi “The Hod” Sheikhnia.


Valkyrie Walker Conversion Michael Millikin
Like I said I’m pretty stoked at all the entries- thanks to all took the time to submit a conversion.

What do you think? 

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