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40k Model Review: Kromlech Orc War 2 Bits

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May 26 2011
Kromlech has a range of orc bits that work with the GW Ork Boyz/Nobz box sets.  By mixing and matching bits you can create a unique army with some great looking models.

Quality:  The castings are, superb.  The sculpting is also fantastic.  The orc faces have so much character.  I had no miscasts or warped pieces to speak of.

8 out of 10 Stars

Value:  While these bits are not cheap I think the price to quality comparison is fair.  For the money you get some very cool, unique, high quality bits to make your army really stand out.
5 out of 10 Stars

Look/Feel:  Personally I love the way the bits mesh with the GW range.  I like the more military look and feel of them.  These would make a great Blood Axe army or even Deff Skull lootas.  But they also just mix well with all the existing models to make a nice freebooters army.
7 out of 10 Stars

Additional Comments:  Something else I did with my army was add some of the Maxmini Post Apocalyptic Guns  and Micro Art Studio orc body sets.  With these additional bits mixed in the army really stands out and looks great on the table top.  Kromlech also has some nifty hatches for those wishing to convert some vehicles.  Hatches can be a pain to make so these are a great addition.

Questions, Comments?  What do you think?

  • Wargames Gallery 5-24-11