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Duke’s Lounge Burp 5-6-11

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May 7 2011

Hello Denizens of the internet, Duke here (My blog).  Some of you VIP’s out there who were savvy enough to be around the Lounge and chill in the golden age may recall a wonderful little thread in the Oubliette called the ‘Forum Burp,’ It was done by our good buddy from across the Atlantic, Aldra.  Sadly he stopped due to his laptop breaking… Or aliens.

The best part about the Forum Burp was that it brought all the crazy posts people put up on the forums and brought them down to the most important little tidbits, which in the end allowed us to all laugh at them (us).

Well, as the newly dubbed ‘Lord of the Lounge,’ Bigred has asked me to continue this time honored tradition, and what better time to start than…NOW!

This week on the Lounge: Being a true sport means getting hit in the face, A pretender to the Troll-Throne presents themselves, 250 doesn’t equal 250, all our sculpting skills are put to shame, and leakage from Germany gets Americans excited.

Lunar Camel; in his thread “Chainsword for sale,” showed us the unrivaled power of nerds with too much time on their hands and the internet at their fingertips.  A holy image of the closest most of us will come to an actual chain-sword elicited very in-depth and well-worded replies like “That’s just freaking awesome,” and “…It’s freaking cool, though.”  After this high-brow discussion the thread began to devolve into a quagmire of whether or not LARP-ing is a sport (NO!).  Apparently, though, It is all based on how much you can take it to the face “Wolflold: “…but would a knight say: NOT IN THE FACE!?”

As some of you know the (rightly or wrongly named) Grand Vicaress of Troll-stein der Loungenland, Melissia, has been MIA for some time now.  This has been a relief to some and a void to others, but this week a pretender to the Vicaress’ Troll-throne has surfaced. In the thread “The decline of 40k,” Auretious Task not only had one post deleted, but three… Which inevitably caused the thread to be closed due to ‘making the Mods do too much damned work.’  Off to a good start that one is! Perhaps this will inspire M to make a return and the two can fight it out, heck I’m pretty sure I can get Aventine to make a Bat Rep for it.

Interestingly though, that thread inspired a new one titled “WH40k Starter Sets,” which comes complete with a Poll (Ohhh, ahhh!).  Mr. (Ms.?) Skragger put up a great suggestion on new ways GW could introduce people into the hobby with starter boxes that actually contain the same amount points for each army (250pts).  Then sotonshades (who apparently has a high level of math education 😉 ) made the world changing statement of “…250 points of one army doesn’t always equal 250 points of another.”  WAIT! WHAT!???? OMG!! 250 doesn’t equal 250? I should call my TO buddies and tell them this glorious news…No wonder Necrons suck… This years Feast of Blades will officially give more points to crappy armies (not really).  Joking aside, he does have a point… But those little boxed sets would fly off the shelves if they were priced right.  Too bad GW doesn’t like good ideas. Seriously though, this is a great thread that has shown what the Lounge is all about, good clean fun with cool people.  Check it out.

In the modeling and painting area there is an amazing Howling Banshee Exarch sculpted completely by a guy who, not surprisingly, calls himself “Build,” Sculpt plog thread.  This guy does some amazing work and should be careful cause Im sure he is pissing off GW by making better female models that they do (ohhh, burn!).  He then also showed off his Therapod Dinosaur WIP (Bonus points for actually knowing what that is).  Seriously, this guy makes me want to jump off a damn cliff, cause being this awesome isn’t going to happen…unless I take a LARP chainsword in the face of course.

In the fantasy area, someone posted something… Which was awesome!  Eldargal threw some Rumors around about the Knights of Brettonia coming out in Nov-Jan (Brettonians Nov-Jan), which apparently came from some leakage in Germany.  Which only serves to prove that if it leaks in Germany we still probably want it in the US.


Well, that is about it for this weeks Lounge Burp.  I hope that you all enjoyed it and that you actually head on over to the Lounge and start up some conversations.  For the most part it is a pretty relaxed place… See you next week on: Dukes Lounge Burp.