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Goatboy’s Model Review – Dread Knight aka Monkey Knight

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May 27 2011

Goatboy here again busting out with the final plastic review for the Grey Knights – The DreadKnight.

I got a chance to get ahold of one to convert, break, and rebuild for the Spikey Bits build contest where you had to remake the Dread Knight into something else. I went with a Monkey Knight as I thought the idea of a Monkey driving this thing around just seemed perfect. And heck I didn’t want to put a goat head on it and call it a day.

So with that out of the way as usual I Value, Look/Form, and Paintability. So with that out of the way – lets start this battle royale.

Value – 7 out of 10

Obviously if you buy this kit you want to play with the robot guy. It isn’t something you are going to buy for parts beyond some small conversion projects or a crazy competition. Value wise you get everything you need in the kit to make whatever kind of Dread Knight you want to throw down with. I have seen some good tutorials to magnetize the options and you do get some cool bits you can add to a daemon prince or some other kind of massive monster. I do wish we had gotten a cool formed base like the Dreadnought gets.

Look/Form – 6 out of 10

I wish the model had more poseability. You would think with the other ball jointed options we have model wise – such as the Tau suits, GW would make this guy pretty dynamic. What we get is some movable feet without the movable knees and other bits on the model. I would have loved to have this guy kicking something instead of just standing there like a nervous guy at a junior high dance. There are some places where you can cut the model to get a bit more play out of how the legs fit but it is still a pain in the butt to do it right.

Paintability – 8 out of 10


This guy is pretty dang neat to paint. You have a lot of texture all over this guy with wires and other bits to really break the model apart. Also even though the pose is boring it does give you a lot of ways to get at all the cracks on the model. Plus you have little bits of wording that can easily break apart the overall metal monotony on the model. With a non helmet covered head you even got a chance for a non metallic central spot color.

All in all I like the model and thought it was pretty neat. I am on the fence about how it looks outside the overall model range of Warhammer 40k. I know it is supposed to be a new push into different technology so it is hard to really judge it as is just so different from any other Imperial kit we’ve seen. We will see what future options we get in the upcoming plastic model ranges (Necrons should be cool).

Speaking of Spikey Bits I will be at their brick and mortar store FTW Games June 2nd thru 5th for their birthday celebration. I will be out there drawing on bags, throwing down with my Grey Knights, and probably flipping some Magic cards. If you were interested in having one of your bags drawn on, some Goatboy art, or to just give me some hell come on down.

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