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GW NEWS: Citadel “Finecast” Rolled Out

May 23 2011

All the speculation is over.  You can say goodbye to the era of metal miniatures from Games Workshop.  Finecast is on the way.  More after the jump.

Here’s the full announcement, and here’s the juicy bit for us hobbyists:

The Citadel Finecast miniatures are all made from a unique resin formula. For us as hobbyists, this is great news. The resin is easy to work with and quick to cut off the sprue, making assembling a miniature easier than it has ever been. Not only that, but it’s incredibly light too, which means pinning wings and other heavy components will be a thing of the past. So, quick and durable, that’s a good start. But of course, one of the main reasons for this change to resin was quality. One thing you’ll notice immediately when you pick them up is the exceptionally sharp detail on the model, which can only be described as staggering.

Now we wait till the first examples start to show up in black boxes and gamer’s hands around the world.  It certainly looks like these are not simply the same detail level as the metal products they will be replacing.

Have at it folks. What are your thoughts on the end of an era of metal from Games Workshop?

  • Wargames Gallery 5-22-11