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Outside the Box 05-29-11

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May 29 2011

Oh, hello, you’re still here! Thanks for your patience :). This week I have some nice stuff from Warlord Games, Lead Adventure, Mantic Games, Taban Miniatures, Antenocitis Workshop and a very useful new release from Dragon Forge. Enjoy!

Warlord Games

That will take a moment, because there has been not one, but two newsletters full of awesomeness since my last article! First, the imperial Romans got reinforcements in form of new Auxiliaries and a plastic Scorpion, as well as the re-release of the Testudo formation.

There is also a new Dacian Command Group. Oh, and said someone “Roman Slave Girls”?

Traveling forward through time, we have the first pictures of the Zulu Warriors for the Black Powder range:

And finally, the Bolt Action range is growing rapidly, with the re-release of a bunch of vehicle for both sites (including Tiger I early and several Halftracks) and a preview of the Panther D. New releases cover a german tank crew and, last but by far not least, soviet Red Army infantry!

More new releases for teh Orcs and Undead with the Moraxe Orcs, plastic Wraith and Souklreaver cavalry:
And concerning the SciFi-game, Beasts of War got some sketches to fire up your imagination (and expectations):

Finally new army sets for Heavy Gear Blitz! Northern Army, Southern Army, P.A.K. and P.R.D.F. got nice shiny new starter sets:

Angry Cyclops FTW!

And another new set from Lead Adventure, Dead Stalkers:
Also very useful for any kind of other post-(Zombie-)apocalyptical goodness!

Antenocitis Workshop released two more of their fantastic vehicles, the Zebu Land Cruiser Patrol Car and the Karbadin APC:

Well, no new minaitures for EDEN this month, but  Taban Miniatures relased two sets of Mission objective:

And finally somethig I’ll definitely buy: the new ammo-belts from Dragon Forge

And don’t forget, if a weekly fix is not enough, head over to The Tabletop Fix for daily news about the hobby! 

I hope the next article won’t be that late 🙂 Anyway, Mantic’s new game looks promising, especially some nice Space Dwarves would be awesome! I’m kinda disappointed in GW at them moment anyway, so maybe it’s time to re-orientate?

Tabletop Fix
  • Warmachine Wrath Teaser: Iron Lich Overseer (Cryx)