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Warmachine Wrath Teaser: Battle Mechanik Officer (Khador)

May 11 2011

Our good friends over at Privateer love a good tease. They wanted all you BoLS readers to see this little bit of goodness about the upcoming Wrath book. Enjoy!

Battle Mechanik Officer

Khador Unit Attachment

Granted: Man-O-War Mechanik – While this model is in play, models in its unit can make a Repair special action to attempt to repair damaged Man-O-War models as if they were warjacks. Models in this modelʼs unit with Assist Repair can make an Assist Repair special action to assist in the repair of Man-O-War models.

I would expect more of these in the weeks ahead. Have at it folks…

  • Privateer Press: Weekly Roundup 5-08-2011