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Warmachine Wrath Teaser: Daemon (Retribution)

May 18 2011
Our good friends over at Privateer love a good tease.  They wanted all you BoLS readers to see this little bit of goodness about the upcoming Wrath book. Enjoy!
Retribution Heavy Myrmidon
Vortex Cannon [1x] (<—>) RNG: 10 ROF: 1 AOE: * POW: 12
Vortex Blast – If this attack misses, nothing happens. If it directly hits an enemy model, before making the damage roll, push
models within 2˝ of the model hit 2˝ directly toward it in the order you choose. Then center a 3˝ AOE on the model hit. Models hit
suffer a POW 12 damage roll.
I would expect more of these in the weeks ahead. Have at it folks… 

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