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Yme-Loc Cobra Memorial

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May 4 2011

Hey there BoLS, perhaps you guys remember some of the posts about the memorial Yme-Loc Eldar army The Girl has been spearheading.  I volunteered to paint her Cobra and now that Adepticon is done, I’ve actually be able to get it really started.

Of course, the stupid fins on the back broke off about 30 seconds after I started airbrushing it…

So keep an eye out!  I’ll be posting more status pictures and probably a video walk around once it’s done!  I do like the color scheme…

I decided to go a little more grey than the pre-determined scheme from Psyberwolf (but still with some Shadow Grey).  The oranges will be pretty much the same.  The gun will have blue in the recesses fading up to white.

Wish me luck.  I’m gonna be putting my back into this one.

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