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40K Hobby: Crafting The MekBoy Junka

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Jun 7 2011

My inner Mek continues to be busy.

After creating my insane Kustom Battle Fortress. I had to keep working towards my Deff Skull Tank army. The next step was taking one of the most flexible entries in Imperial Armour 8: The MekBoy Junka.

What is it?
Well, as SpankyHarrison puts it in a word… broken. This is a 65pt fast vehicle that you can equip with a Deff Rolla for free. Think about that. A wall of converted Rhino’s with Deff Rollas racing up the field at you. The image of an Ork Army Monster Trucking over Titans, while appealing and hilarious, is a little overpowered for a fun event like the WGC Narrative. I want to bring the entertaining conversions and have fun, not make my opponent cry.

While at its cheapest, the Junka can prove to be the better Ork Rhino, it can also be equipped with a myriad of weapons. Last year, you might remember my Grott Bomb fun:


This year I decided to go with a different variation, using the option to turrent mount a Shokk Attack Gun. I’m mainly doing this because per IA8, any effect from the SAG rules that target the Mek instead tartet the Junka. That means if you get a Zoink, you launch the Junka across the field and the opponent counts as being tank shook/rammed at full speed.

So yes, I’m mounting a Deff Rolla on it. And I’m hoping for that elusive double 5 roll. I figure I have a shot… in 4 games it should happen at least once. I’m also having it transport some Tank Bustas for added sillyness.

How I made it
First off, I went with a Rhino chassis for the base. As with the Kustom Battle Fortress, I then added some Orky fun. Glyphs, two boarding planks, some big shootas and of course the Deff Rolla.

To create the Shokk Attack Gun, I used the stock model and removed the extra metal with a Dremel. That took a bit of doing, but yieled a perfect bit to setup for the turret. I tried to plasticard something Fancy for the turret, but again went with the kludy over the polished, using a few i-beams:

To Paint
Unlike the KBF, this model needed to look more rusted and less like something freshly looted. Borrowing a technique from GentleBen, I went for a more rusted look. Using the GW Macharius Orange foundation paint after a prime of black gives it a good base:

After that, a generous if mildy incomplete application of BoltGun Metal gets the metal we need. You don’t want to go for full coverage, making sure to leave bits of the orange leaking out. Next, instead of Badab Black, I went with Devlin Mud for a more aged aesthetic. As a previous commenter noted, I over did it with the wash, and that was intended. I want the army to look like it is covered in grime and oil. It should look like a Mek is trying his best to keep things running and over does it.

And then in keeping with the Deff Skull army, I added Enchanted Blue and Skull White. Hitting it off with a bit of Blazing Orange here and there to break up the body and make it look more complete.

So that’s my MekBoy Junka. The idea is have it run rough shod up the field and deliver Tank Bustas for as much mayhem as they can cause. The Shokk Attack Gun is there for sillyness and hopefully, the occasional impact.
Next up: The MekaDread and the Kill Krushas.

So what do you guys think? Are you Blood Angels and Black Templars skeered yet? Will Armageddon fall to the Orks or will you come up with enough defensive wizardry to hold off the coming green tide?

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