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40K Rumors: Sisters, Necrons, and a Mystery – OH MY!

Jun 4 2011

Little birds are chirp chirping through the hot spring nights.  Here’s what been out there on the rumor wires…

No details on contents here, (that will come soon enough) but timeframes are said to be:

Sisters of Battle in July-August timeframe (in White Dwarf, same as Blood Angels were)

Necrons in the October-November pre holiday timeslot (same slot as Dark Eldar were)

And in another “Mystery Box” situation like Space Hulk was, a special something is apparantly coming in October from GW (may  be 40k related – maybe not).

~Standard caveats on this stuff.  Still, this fits the overall pattern we’re been hearing about for months now, and would give us three 40K codices this year.

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