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40K Rumors: Sisters of Battle – Round 1

Jun 12 2011

Apparently the White Dwarf teaser regarding the Sisters of Battle WD codex was the kickoff date of rumor season!  Lets see what our good friends over at Blood of Kittens has dug up… 

via BoK

Overall, looks like a general streamlining and updating to bring the last of the venerable allies codices up to date with 5th edition.  Very interesting stuff in there regarding the updated Faith Point system. In particular, each unit getting its own Act of Faith is a big change. With the loss of Inquisitors, and Assassins, and the addition of Confessors, the codex looks to be a nice divergance from the parrallel Daemonhunters/Witchhunters books from last edition.  It would seem that Grey Knights and Sisters of Battle will now be unique books with very different fighting styles. 

~Lounge comments on these rumors here. Have at it folks

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