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Dukes Lounge Recap 6-12-2011

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Jun 12 2011
“If he played counts-as Space Wolves you would be highly tempted to give him favorite opponent,”

Yes, yes, yes… Duke here from Dukes Inferno It is that time of the week again.  Lets go into the lounge and see what stuff has been going on over there this last week. 

Just the facts Ma’am:
– Shadosun shows us just how expensive a new army can be when starting from nothing. LINK
– Specialist games get wished for again, this time for Adeptus Titanicus LINK
– Crevab threw up a picture of the SoB news from that thing that used to be a magazine (WD) LINK
– The discussion of Footsloggers and viability went the rounds when Deadlift asked “which foot sloggers work?” LINK
– In a very interesting thread, Sneakyben asked us to help him build the “worst army ever,” LINK
– Occam cast Apotheosis on the “what do you want to see in 6th edition?” thread LINK
– If you want to see some really good looking Orks check out this thread LINK

Down and Dirty Details:

– For weeks we have been complaining about the price increases for GW’s plastic crack.  Well, this week Shadosun gave us all a gut-check by telling us exactly much it costs.  He was researching how much it would cost for the following list which included: 20 terminators, 20 reg marines, 3 dreadnoughts, 1 stormraven and 2 rhinos.  In the end he came up with a total cost of almost $700!!! Im not sure if he included shipping and taxes (I also didn’t check his numbers and just took them at face value), but either way this is a huge cost! I remember when a whole army cost around $300…Who would have thought that it would be the ‘good ol days.’  Some of you may know that in my professional life I work on Wall Street, so lets see how good of an investment GW models would have been.  A few years back I purchased a very similar army with 25 terminators and 2 dreads but everything else was the same. This army cost me $394 including tax and shipping (I keep good financial records)… This was about three years ago, so if we use continuous compounding we come up with a 21.12% annual interest!!!  In comparison the S&P 500 was at 1532 in June of 2007 and is now sitting at 1271… which means an annual return of -6.03%… Long story short, if you look at these price increases as assets and not debts then we should all go out and buy GW models to hold onto for the next three years, which at that point a Land Raider will go for a screaming….. $117!!! Long story short head on over to this discussion and help Shadosun lower his cost.
– Way back in the day, when dinosaurs ruled the earth, many of us played a very cool game called “Adeptus Titanicus,” this game was centered on Titan v. Titan combat and it was awesome! It was pretty common to see 2 warlords, 3 reavers and 4 warhounds running around blasting entire city blocks in a single shot.  If you happen to be one of the grizzled veterans who played this specialist game then head on over and give a shout out… If not then head on over anyway to hear about a really cool game system.  
– Much to the chargin of the sisters players everywhere news came from GW this week about the Sisters of Battle Codex.  We were provided a tidbit which stated “…in the next issue of white dwarf we present the first part of Codex: Sisters of Battle…”  Somewhere in warp I think I just heard Melissia Scream.  Well, on the bright side, at least you’re getting a new codex (ducks for cover).  In this situation you don’t know whether to be happy for a new codex, or pissed cause it is in WD. I played for a long time with the Blood Angels PDF codex and I know how lame it was, not that the rules can’t be great…but it is such a pain to have to carry around a White Dwarf or two (Or a 3 ring binder)…  All I can say is we now have a new red-headed-step-child.  Seriously though, Ill save my final assessment for later, but right now it seems 100% fail.  I would love to hear what you feel about the new codex, so head on over and post up your thoughts.
– You’ve seen the lists before, all ground pounders and no vehicle-spam-MSU-stuff.  Many times the army just gets pummeled in the face as it is shown the superiority of mech.  This week, however, Deadlift has sought to find out which armies can do footslooger and actually work.  Some of the top votes were Dark Angels (Deathwing) and Blood Angels (DOA)… Tyranids and Daemons are an obvious throw in as well.  What do you think? Can you build a footslogger army that 1. Isn’t forced into footslogger (Tyranids, Daemons) and isn’t filled with terminators (XYZ-wing)?  If so let us hear it.
– On the lighter side of the Lounge Sneakybean tried to develop the “worst army ever.”  Actually it is kind of a fun excercise… A buddy of mine suggested a fun-tournament (they exist!) in which you bring a list written to be horrible and someone else plays it, while you play someone else’s horrible list.  Prizes go to overall winner and “worst list.”  What would you make if you were writing the worst list ever (2000pts)?
– What do you want to see in 6th edition?  Some of the answeres included a return of Overwatch! and other older rules coming back onto the scene.  Other ideas put up were mostly surrounded around terrain and how to treat it.  I personally would like to see rules like “stubborn,” used more and I agree with Goatboy 100% that cover should be raised to 5+.  (Did I just say I agree with Goatboy?…crap)
–  Just because Orks are a ragtag group of 40k soccer Hooligans doesn’t mean they have to be painted rag-tag… Fade 74 points this out quite nicely.  His Orks look like they have cobbeled their gear together, but the paint is clear and crisp.  He does a great job of contrasting the green skin with the Black armor.  I have seen this done several times and often the ork skin gets lost in all the other dark colors because the skin is too dark.  Fade has done an amazing job…Head on over and give him some props for his hard work… I personally love the bomb-hankerchief on one of the storm boyz.
– Lastly, as a side note, after months and months of nothing, I updated my “Dukes Grey Knights thread…Check it out and let me know what you think. link
That  is all for this week. 
Remember: I don’t always do forums, but when I do I prefer the Lounge… Stay Bloodthirsy my Friends!
What was your top thread this weel? Did you see a thread that deserves a mention in the Lounge Burp?  If so then shoot me an email at [email protected]  I always love hearing from Loungers.


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