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GW Marketing: Tightening the Screws

Jun 6 2011

Word has been out there for about a month that GW is changing their marketing policy to make it easier for stores to sell current product.  Here’s what the scuttlbutt is about:

The basic gist is that there will be a pull back from the upcoming product information Games Workshop has been providing over the last few quarters. Pretty much nobody at the retail/customer level will get any word on upcoming releases until 1 week before product hits shelves.  This means:

-No more “coming soon” emails to customers.
-Black Boxes are said to still be shipping, but will only be opened the day or, or immediately before the minis are publically available.
-The most advanced lead time or hints as to upcoming products will be the last page teaser in White Dwarf.

~Back into the darkness for the players…

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