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Lock & Load 2011: Privateer News

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Jun 20 2011
They have thier very own Ironclad!

This year Privateer Press rolled our their first very own convention, and a lot of stuff is going on up there.

Pictures courtesy of Privateer Press

Here are the big links for constant updates:

Some pictures from the event (more at the above links)

Nice tables
Romeo showing off his latest wares

Alexia’s new fancy card
Hmmm, what have we here….

Some announcments of upcoming products:

Next year will see two new anthology books releasing that pick up the climatic story lines of Wrath and Domination as unbound war rages across the Iron Kingdoms. As well as introducing new epic versions of iconic characters like Asphyxious and Lylyth, each anthology will be packed with a host of exciting new models that will herald the emerging face of warfare in Western Immoren.

and “Level 7”

Summer of next year, the first product in Privateer Press’ all new science fiction setting Level 7 will be released worldwide.

More as we get it.  Have at it.


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