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NEWS: Warpath Forgefather’s – Pt.1

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Jun 24 2011

So by all now, you’ve all heard of Mantic Games new Sci-fi game coming this fall: Warpath.  Lets take a look at the other initial race being rolled out, the Forgefather’s.

Here the background on this race (one of the two starter races for the game) from Mantic:

Mantic have set out to create a powerful Dwarf range in a believable Sci-fi setting – and we are seriously excited by where the concept art got us to!

Looking around before we started we just felt the Dwarf race has never really been tackled in a comprehensive and meaningful way, with resonance to current sci-fi war-gamers. From the onset we intended to create a strong, credible archetype for the race in this new setting.

We started with the givens – Dwarfs have always been miners, so we took that concept out into space, and the future, and reflected it across the three levels of Dwarf society. Whilst there’s a ruling class, the core focus is on hard-working, heavily armed and well-armoured rank and file units. These form the core of the Forge Father’s army, well able to handle weapons (of varying size), well trained, and supported by some serious ordinance – creating a strong firepower led fighting force. Then at the bottom of society (think bare-chested scrap metal merchants!) are the successors to the Berserkers, who have their own unique and specialist role in the army.

Throughout the concepts you can see we’ve been working hard on the feel of the weapons and armour, giving the whole army a unique feel, and carving out a strong and unique presence.

Enjoy the pictures and don’t forget to sign-up for our free beta rules here:

And here are just a few shots of their equipment and options.  Check back soon for even more ForgeFather’s shots.

Enjoy!  So who’s up for some “DWARFS IN SPACE!!!”