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WargamesCon 2011 – 1 Month Out!

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Jun 8 2011

Its time to get those tickets, plan the trips, and get those paintbrushes working!  The Third Annual event is July 7th through 10th at the Doubletree Austin.

Here’s a rundown on what to expect schedule wise for our biggest WargamesCon yet!


Warhammer 40K and Fantasy Pairs Events

40K Mirror Match Tournament

Flames of War 1750pt Late War (1-day)

Warmachine 15pt Mangled Metal Tooth and Claw

Saturday and Sunday

Warhammer 40K 7-game GT


Warhammer Fantasy 6-game GT

Flames of War 1750pt Late War (2-day)

Warmachine: Steamroller Saturday and Pairs Sunday

Warhammer 40K Narrative Anti-Tournament

So what’s new?

Warmachine and Flames of War were popular in their first year and have grown to be all weekend long event tracks. So all you fans come on down and spend the entire weekend with us!

Our Warhammer Fantasy Grand Tournament is now 2500 points with 2.5 hour rounds. With the changes in 8th edition, close combat tends to take more time than before and last longer as well. Coupled with the frightening changes to the Magic Phase, increased time limits just seem necessary.


Our Narrative tables will be bigger with more players per table. We are doing the Badab War using the fancy new Forgeworld Books, so get your marines ready for a Civil War in the depths of space and across blasted battlefields of the Maelstrom. Our second theme is the Armageddon War, and that means everything from Grey Knights, to IG, to Space Wolves, to all the Orks and Ruinous Powers we can muster. Its gonna be an Apocalyptic blast – oh and don’t forget about all the flyer, superheavy, and Titan goodness! 

The 40K Mirror Match is a concept we’ve all had for a long time – if we all played the same list, who would win? We’ve created a Space Marine list that gives players a chance to find out who is the best with it on Friday. Missions will be very simple, and the winner will be strictly determined by winning games. This event is limited to 32 players, with everyone playing the first 4 games and the finals being for all the marbles.

So head on over to the WarGamesCon page, and get registered. We are max capacity in the Doubletree this year, and they don’t have another broom closet to give us, so get your tickets fast.  Speaking of the Doubletree…

The Doubletree is NICE, and minutes from tons of Austin nightlife spots.

Also, tons of your favorite (or infamous)BoLS writers will be there to boot. If you’ve ever wanted to match wits with Goatboy and Jwolf, get drunk with Brent, stalk Mr. Black, outplay Darkwynn, try to figure out who Bigred, BushidoRedPanda and The Girl really are, what are you waiting for?

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