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WFB NEWS: Storm of Magic Advanced Orders

Jun 26 2011

Storm of Magic has shown up at long last on the Games Workshop advanced order page.  Here’s what’s headed your way:

Storm of Magic $49.50
Battle Magic – Storm of Magic $13.25
Vampire Counts Necromancer $13.25
Dark Elf Sorceress $13.25
Warriors of Chaos Sorceror Lord $13.25
Warriors of Chaos Tzeentch Sorceror Lord $13.25
Chaos Lord on Manticore $49.50
Dark Elf Dreadlord on Black Dragon $49.50
Chimera $41.25
Cockatrice $35.50
Magewrath Throne and Balewind Vortex $37.25
Dreadfire Portal and Eternity Stair $37.25
Razumov’s Tomb $5.00

There are a few standouts in there.  I like the Black Dragon, most of the beasties, and some the sorceror’s on foot.  A lot of the terrain pieces however look like Halloween mantle fillers from Wal-mart.  What’s your take on the minis?

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