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40K Gamesday Spain: On Dice and Capitalism

Jul 7 2011

Oh, the interesting things people see in our world of cameras everywhere.  Behold the list of benefits your GW purchases will net you at GamesDay Spain!  You’re gonna love this…

Pic via Bolterandchainsword’s Tanhausen

For those of you who can’t read Spanish here is the translation:

Table of Events in the Sales Area
Games Workshop

For purchases over… (these are stackable)

100 €, re-roll a die at a GW Hobby Center
150 €, free shipping to your house
200 €, direct access to the Forgeworld area with no lines
250 €, re-roll a die at a GW Official Tournament

~Well, that’s one way to deal with codex creep… Have fun!

  • Wargames Gallery 7-5-11