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40K PROJECT: To Build a Harbinger – Pt. 1

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Jul 13 2011

a series by BDub

So after some discussion with BigRed regarding how cool it would be to add a Harbinger to a 40K scale Chaos airforce and/or play Aeronautica Imperialis in 40K scale, I decided to explore the possibility.

We all speculated on how big the model might be and BigRed was kind enough to loan me his AI Chaos Fleet to take photos and measurements. Having both a 40K scale Hell Blade and Hell Talon from Forgeworld, I was able to compare measurements between BigRed’s AI planes and my ForgeWorld 40 scale planes. As suspected the AI planes where 20% the size of there 40K counterparts or 6mm and 30mm respectively (though we suspect the AI planes are actually sightly larger than the 6mm Epic scale). That makes the Harbinger 35″ long and about 24.5″ wide. Big sure, but was it manageable? I still needed a more realistic template to know for sure.

Armed with this information and some orthographic line art from the Aeronautica Imperialis books, I scaled it appropriately in Photoshop and headed to Kinko’s. So what does it really look like compared to say, our faithful measuring standard, the trusty Rhino? Behold!

OMG, what have I gotten myself into?

So there you have it. I think I’m going to go forwards with this insanity. It just looks too glorious not to want to see it in three dimensions on an Apocalypse table. I think this will take the better part of a year or more, so in the meantime, keep checking back for periodic updates on what will probably be the largest scratchbuild slash kit-bash project I have ever undertaken.


Next time STRATEGY – I’ll discuss some of the potential problems and how to break this beast down into manageable pieces. See ya!

Author: Larry Vela
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