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40K RUMORS: Tomb Spiders Tidbits…

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Jul 6 2011

Drip, Drip, Drip… The Necron rumors continue…  Today’s catch: Tomb Spider details

Necron Rumor Thread (Lounge)

(Caught a glimpse of the new necron tomb spyder)

—It was definitely a Tomb Spyder, on a plastic sprue in two parts (i.e. two sprues). I wasn’t meant to see it, but I don’t want to get the person responsible in trouble by saying the exact circumstances. Like I said, it should be obvious anyway. I caught enough of a glimpse to recognise individual parts.

I can’t be entirely sure how the model fits together, but afterwards I went and had a look at the current metal Spyder, and I’m certain that the new one is substantially bigger just from the body bits. I think saying it was the same size as a rhino might err on the side of exaggeration, but imagine the volume rather than the mass of a rhino and that’s what I’m picturing the bits would look like when constructed.

The limb parts are thinner/more slender, and I think longer unless they fit together in some way that I couldn’t imagine when I saw them on the frames. The design of the individual pieces ‘felt’ different; slightly more elegant and lethal – but not so different that I couldn’t immediately recognise what it was.

I’m certain I saw a gun, and there were some cool claw parts. There was also something else that I barely saw because I was just looking at the body sections.

~ Standard caveats apply.  Have at it.  Previous Necron Rumors are here.

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