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40K – WFB NEWS: August Releases

Jul 26 2011

Lots of stuff breaking all over the tubes regarding the upcoming August releases from GW.  Looks like some Dark Eldar items and a whole boatload of Warhammer Fantasy Stuff

6th August

Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon (plastic kit, / Terrorgheist)
Vampire Counts Cairn Wraith
Vampire Counts Tomb Banshee

Vlad Von Carstein (Finecast)
Konrad Von Carstein (Finecast)
Inquisitor Karamazov (Finecast)
Dark Elves War Hydra (Finecast)
Dark Elf Dreadlord on Cold One (Finecast)
Wood Elf Spellweaver with Staff (Finecast)

Garden of Morr (plastic graveyard terrain)

20th August

Chaos Daemons Battalion / Battleforce (seems to be 20 bloodletters, 10 daemonettes, 10 horrors, 5 mounted daemonettes)
Chaos Daemons Herald of Tzeentch on Disc of Tzeentch (Finecast)
The Changeling (Finecast)
Chaos Daemons Bloodthirster (Finecast)
Chaos Daemons Lord of Change (Finecast)

Dark Eldar Ur-Ghul (Finecast)
Dark Eldar Medusae (Finecast)

~VERY Nice Undead Dragon there and further rounding out of the Dark Eldar range. Lots more info on these in the Lounge here (wfb) and here (40k).


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