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Goatboy and his Charity Travels

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Jul 24 2011

Goatboy here again and this time I am going to chat about the Charity project I have been working on with some other guys these last few months. If you haven’t been paying attention to the blog updates I have been working on the Heroes of Armageddon Charity project with some other great guys.

I headed up the Speed Freaks section of the Armageddon army build and I just finished the army a few days ago. So without further ado some army pictures as well as some shout outs about the army.

First of all I had some great help from Alex “Redbeard”, Michael “Teek”, John Shaffer from GW, and of course the Santa Cruz guys who helped out throwing together some Battle Wagons so my hooves could get a rest bashing together plastic pieces. Some local guys also helped out with donating some much needed orks too – Jim “Real Genius”, Patrick “Rabscutle” Henson, and good ole Jay “BushidoRedPanda”, Russel, and a client of mine, Michael who gave some much needed bikes and bits.

So here is the finished army for all to enjoy.

We got bikerz, nobz, Battle Wagons, some Burnas, a good section of boyz and of course some trukks. I magnetized a lot of the options in the lot and even drew on the Battle Foam bag Romeo donated. I went with the design as a way to give someone a decent base to build any ork army out of it. I am a competitive player at heart so I wanted to be sure whoever won this would get a great beginning ork army that is both fun and decent enough to beat up on some people. The carry case is huge so you can definitely grow with this army and what it offers you.

I want to show off these nob uni bikerz that Teek built for the list. These things are nuts and it makes me want to rebuild a whole slew of ork bikerz. I have a love for orky stuff so I know I should hold off a bit before I even try to match the sheer awesome of this build.


And finally we have the “leader” of this army with Wazzdakka himself. Mr. Shaffer did an amazing job on this.

Here is Redbeard’s contribution too. All I can say is wow those Orks are awesome looking.

So there is the basic load out of the army. It was a lot of work and I am glad to be done. We have raised a lot of money so far and I feel good that we can help out a Charity by throwing down with some Warhams. Whoever wins this will be screaming “Waagh” as his army zooms forward and tries to bring the pain.

Here is a little why we are doing this and more info about the project. Oh and I might as well be nice and show some of the other armies that are “competing” for Armageddon.

Goatboy out


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