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BREAKING NEWS: Hordes Warlock Unveiled at Comicon!

Jul 22 2011

Unveiled at Comiccon!  Jarl Skuld, Devil of the Thornwood.

reported by Gentleben

This troll warlock boasts twin rune pistols (think magical hand cannons) along with rat 7 to get some good use out of them.

He boasts the special abilities evasive and swift hunter while his rune pistols carry the black penny ability.

He also packs an impressive spell list that should get any trollblood player excited:  camouflage, quicken, tactical supremacy, and Weald secrets.

His feat, Rolling Fog allows you to place d3+3 4″ cloud effects that only block enemy models’ line of sight.   Friendly faction models in the aoe get pathfinder and can move through friendly models and obstructions.  Living enemy models in the clouds suffer a -2 penalty to attack rolls.


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