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Dukes Lounge Recap 7/19/2011

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Jul 19 2011
“He knows where the Black Library is, and they don’t charge him late fees.”
– Duke
Hello again fellow citizens of BoLS-land.  It has been a couple of weeks since my last update, I blame that entirely on the awesome time I was having at WargamesCon last weekend.  Anyhow, time to get back on track.  Lets see what has been going on while I was away.

The 30,000 foot view
– As many of us are well aware, this week saw the release of Kill Team. Most reviews were posistive, though there were some downsides, according the the Lounge denizens. LINK
– Necron 2.0 started an interesting poll to see if GW policy changes are effecting your enthusiasm for the game. LINK
– A new Dan Abnett, Horus Heresy novel is announced.  LINK
– Mr. Machinator makes us all drop our jaws to the floor (again!) with his Khorne Doomblaster LINK
– Sukigod also gives us some great WIP pics of his Ork Bomber LINK
The Dirty Details
– Kill team was released this week and with it we all waited with huge grins while it downloaded to our Xbox.  All in all most of the thoughts on kill team were really positive, it seems that everyone really likes the game.  There were a few negative points, however, mostly they surrounded the lack of multiplayer on the game.  I can say that I was personally disappointed when I saw that there was only a co-op and no multiplayer… I was really looking forward to smashing some skulls with my out-of-state-buddies.  All in all though it is a great game and 100% worth the $10 or so it costs.  I love my Librarian, but the Techmarine seems to be the “best,” character.
– If you mention GW policy in any forum you are guaranteed several pages of replies overnight.  The Lounge is no different.  This time we started off with a poll as of this article being written the overwhelming response is “Yes. The lack of news and rumors means other things are commanding more of my attention.” (60.66% with 37 of 61 votes total on the poll).  Though this isn’t entirely surprising there has been a lot of discussion on why GW limits access to news and rumors.  The winning comment of the thread so far is by Wittdooley, “I think it is cute we’re referring to wargaming as a big pond.”
– Dan Abnett is said to be writing “Know no fear,” which is about the Battle of Calth.  This is looking to be a really good book and I’m looking forward to purchasing this bad boy. The only weird part of the book (so far) is the cover.  The cover has Roboute Guilliman floating in space with his helmet off,  he is for sure still alive, which leaves us all thinking “When did Roboute become able to breathe in space?
– Machinator is one of those guys that makes you want to cry for not having his skills… Then again, he is great at doing commissions!  Seriously guys and gals, if you have not seen his work I would highly highly suggest it.  His most recent model creation is a 4-barrled Superheavy of doom!  Imagine 4 medusa cannons on a baneblade, make it all chaos-like and you are beginning to get an idea of this amazing monster.
– More modelling stuff coming our way, this time from another long-time Lounger, Sukigod.  He just posted up some pictures of his WIP Ork Bomber. I personally love WIP threads because it really shows you how the person went about making the model.  He has done such a great job that I almost think to myself “I can do that too!”  But then I remember how hard it is to put together one pre-made titan and I realize his skills are far superior to mine.
That is all this week, where have you all been going on the Lounge?  Is there a thread I missed that deserves a nod?  If so shoot me a PM on the Lounge.  Other than that, stay bloodthirsty my friends!


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