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Duke’s Lounge Recap 7/4/11

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Jul 4 2011
“When he goes to Ultramar, they do as he does,”
Hey everybody, Duke here from Dukes Inferno.  Well, it is Monday (Happy 4th!) so that must mean it is time to jog on over to the Lounge and see what is happening.  Grab your pipe and Hugh Hefner smoking jacket and lets head over.

Just the Facts ma’am:

– Denzark asks a valuable question “Do  we actually need a 6th edition?” LINK
– Eldargal cast Apotheosis on “Hilarious 40k Moments,” LINK
– Rumors of the Hrud coming in 6th ed are abound. LINK
– More loving for the new Forgeworld Dread, let the arms race begin! LINK
– Longtime Lounger “Redstarone,” resurrected his thread with a super sexy Land Raider LINK
– In the Fantasy area, Elmir posts up some dipped Skaven LINK
The dirty, dirty details.

– Do we really need a 6th edition? Or is it a case of GW taking on the old saying “Publish or Perish,” lots of opinions on both sides were flying around this week.  Denzark kicked off the thread by stating that 5th ed, “is the most balanced(-ish) versions from GW.”  Necron 2.0 thought it was a silly question because, “…Changes do not benefit the players because if the game was truly bad enough to actually require changes, nobody would be playing…” He then continued to say that the biggest reason for a edition update is to sell more product. Amid all of the discussion it was Sister Rosette Soulknyt who hit the nail straight on the head when she said, “My only gripe is finish what you started with, finish off 5th ed first, make sure every army has a 5th ed codex and not some wannabee lazy stop gap…”  I agree with this sentiment 100%.  I also don’t believe that 5th ed is that broken, sure there are some things that could be fixed or tweaked, but not a whole edition of changing.  Knowing GW if the rumors are true they will go too far and completely unbalance the game, making all our current armies worthless… again.
– Funny things happen when groups of nerds are put in a room for hours at a time.  I postulate that it has something to do with a disturbance in the force due to an imbalance in the space-time-continum.  Whatever the case it is always fun to read about hilarious 40k moments. My fav. is when egorene mentioned Vulkan dying to a Heavy Bolter.  I have a buddy who plays a Vulkan list and his Vulkan dies  if a stiff breeze comes his way.
– This is all I am going to say about the Hrud rumors.  UPDATE THE BOOKS YOU HAVE FIRST! for goodness sake we don’t need another codex that is going to sit around and not be updated while you update marines for the 15th time.  If they could promise me a consistent update pattern then adding another race would be cool, I suppose. 
– We love them, we hate them but this time my wallet will be crying for months.  This new Forge-world dread is a super-sexy-awesome-sauce-machine.  My next personal project is going to be a heresy era Custodes army with heavy amounts of casting/greenstuff/conversions and this dread would fit in to that army 100%!!!  If you haven’t seen the model yet I highly suggest going over and checking out that bad boy.
– Redstars “Log of Everything,” has been one of the longest running threads on the Lounge.  With his recent post he has not let us down.  I personally love the attention to detail on the sides of the Land Raider with the artwork on the side of the vehicle.  One thing about Chaos is that it really lends itself to conversions and such more than imperials, and Redstar has taken full advantage of this fact.
– Elmir gave us a good look at his Skaven.  I personally wish he would do a tutorial on how he went about dipping his Skaven because they came out looking really good and dirty which is exactley what you want when painting giant-sewer-man-rats.
That is all this week folks.  The Gentlemen from Colorado nows turns the balance of his time over to the masses. Stay bloodthirsty my friends.


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