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FORGEWORLD: Contemptor Dreadnought – Heresy Modelers Rejoice!

Jul 2 2011

HOLY MOLY!  We’ve been waiting 20 years for this one!  Behold the mainstay dreadnought of the Legions of the Great Crusade – the Contemptor Dreadnought!

First modeled in the Epic scale Space Marine game, then later illustrated multiple times in the Horus Heresy CCG game, the Contemptor is the original “Old School” dreadnought design.

Contemptor Dread
and rules

Heresy-era Dreadnought from Epic 2nd Edition- circa 1991

~I think my favorite part of it’s rules is its availability to CSM players.  An effective dread that wont kill your own army – HOORAY!  My Death Guard have already requisitioned one.  Finally, check out those rules.  I’ll leave it to you sleuths to figure out what the “mystery weapons” are…

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