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Goatboy’s Model Review – Mantic Abyssal Dwarf Heroes

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Jul 13 2011

Goatboy here again with another model review. Today I got a hold of some the new Abyssal Dwarf Heroes from Mantic Games. The kit includes all 3 in the normal nice Mantic Plastic case. So as usual I will review the models in the terms of Value, Look/Form, and Paintability. So lets begin.

Value = 7 out of 10

You get 3 models for about $35.00 which is not that bad at all. You get 2 assault based heroes and then a Abyssal Dwarf Sorcerer. This covers most of your heroes needed and I think it is pretty neat you get all three. I do wish you had more options on each of the characters but getting all 3 for about the cost of a character and a half in some other games is still a worth wile deal.

Look/Form = 8 out of 10

I for one like the way the Dwarves look from Mantic. They have a mean short look that I like. Unlike some others that just seem like fat guys with way too muscular arms. They kind of look like E Hondas from Street Fighter. But these Mantic Dwarves are pretty cool and I feel they have a neat evil look. Overall the armor is pretty nice and you have some nice variation in the pieces to create some good planes to paint on.

Paintability = 7 out of 10

I do wish we had more options on the model to choose some different looks and forms but overall the model is easy enough to paint. There isn’t a lot of skin shown on the model which makes it kind of hard to break apart the forms on the model. You can only do so much armor and some different forms within the model would help.

I find these guys pretty neat and I just wish they were plastic with more options. I like the Abyssal Dwarves and I just hope I get a chance to paint more of the guys and get me some evil Snow White mining army of doom.


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