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Open Thread: Sisters and Point Costing

Jul 27 2011

Lets talk a minute about some of the obvious paths the Sisters can take based on costing and what would it do to the new White Dwarf army…

First off, some baselines:  Here is what things are running right now in 40k:

Grey Knight: 20pts
Space Marine: 16pts
Blood Angel: 16pts
Grey Hunter: 15pts
Chaos Marine: 15pts
Daemonette: 14pts
Dire Avenger: 12pts
Fire Warrior: 10pts
Kabalite Warrior: 9pts
Guardian: 8pts
Ork: 6pts
Guardsman: 5pts
Termagant: 5pts

So we know Sisters keep the same statline, now have Frag/Krak grenades, and their new Faithful ability (a broad variant of ATSKNF).

The question is where do you think they should be costed and what will it do to the army as a whole?  Too high and the army is dead on arrival –  too low and you have a new “hot horde” army that makes the entire Faith system even less useful being stretched across a high unit count force. 

On top of that is the general goal of “getting” the flavor of the Sisters army correctly.  It is truly meant to be a horde force?  Or a super elite one?  What’s the proper size the army should slot into, compared to the other codices out there already?

Decisions, decisions… Have at it.

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