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Spacecurves’ War Games Con Report

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Jul 18 2011
I’m back in Boston and mostly recovered from War Games Con this past weekend.  Just like last year, the convention was a great weekend full of intense games of the highest caliber, Texas BBQ, and drinks with friends. 

I played in the mirror match and the 40k grand tournament.  In the mirror match on Friday I was in first place going into the last round, but Steve Martino (hailing from the 19th company group) beat me and claimed the title.  Great game Steve and congratulations!
Saturday and Sunday consisted of the main event, the 40k grand tournament.  Once again, here is the army I played:

2000pt Space Marine List
Vulkan He’Stan
Librarian: Null Zone, Gate of Infinity , combi-flamer 
5 Assault Terminators: TH/SS  
Dreadnought: twin-linked auto-cannon, twin-linked auto-cannon 
10 Marines, meltagun, missile launcher, Sgt. with Power fist and combi-melta + Rhino w Dozer Blade
10 Marines, flamer, missile launcher, Sgt. with Power fist and combi-flamer + Rhino w Dozer Blade
10 Marines, flamer, missile launcher, combi-flamer + Razorback w heavy bolters
Land Speeder:  heavy bolter, typhoon missiles
Land Speeder:  heavy bolter, typhoon missiles 
Attack Bikes: 2 attack bikes with multi-meltas

Land Raider: extra armor, Multi-Melta
Thunderfire Cannon

I played a ton of really great opponents and tough matchups.  I played against two leafblowers, a really good grey knight army and player with a super deathstar of ten terminators waving a bro banner, librarian, and tech marine, a fiend heavy daemon player, mech space wolf list with 40 grey hunters, 15 long fangs, las plas razors etc., dual bike riding seer councils, and lastly, Dark Eldar with 9 venoms, 3 ravagers, 3 trueborn squads, and many pointy sticks.  I’m really happy with how I played, and I found ways to win in some tough situations.
In the end I won best general and came in third overall!  Very exciting, and I only missed getting first again by ten points.  The man who took my title was Shawn Lowry, and by de-throning me he has earned a place on the 2012 American ETC team! Congratulations to Shawn who won with a balanced dark eldar army very similar to what I love to play, I can tell we’ll get along great already!
List Performance
My Salamanders gave me all the tools I needed as usual. Most games at the top tables look impossible on paper for me, but because there are so many tactical possibilities with my army, I can adapt to most anything the mission or opponent throws at me. My librarian and thunderfire cannon continue to by my MVP units.  Of course, my librarian did get some dirty looks when he failed 12 out of 12 psychic hood block attempts during my game against Grey Knights.  Perhaps the most important moment was when my Land Raider took a charge from ten Grey Knight terminators all hopped up on might of titan.  The Land Raider literally suffered “handfuls” of simultaneous penetrating hits. Spoiler alert! It exploded.  I still managed to win the game, but I hope my librarian felt remorse for his failure as he crawled from the burning crater. 
Another embarrassing incident happened when I deepstruck my terminators near a chimera wall, they ended up in a forest, and three of them tele-fragged themselves, even with shield saves.  Note to self: appearing in the middle of a tree is bad.
On the other side of the spectrum, my Tactical Marines were absolute heroes for me in the later games.  In round 6 one combat squad took on 5 Eldar Harlequins and won, and in round 7 a Tactical Squad took a charge from a Dark Eldar beast unit, won combat, broke them, and escorted them off the table. The Emperor Protects!
Games aside, I had a great time catching up with all my 40k friends from around the country.  I also made a bunch of new friends, including one who traveled all the way from Switzerland to attend!  Phil, if you are reading this, I’ll see you in Montreaux this summer at the ETC!
So another successful War Games Con is in the books.  The guys in Austin do a great job running this event, anyone who has the chance to attend the 2012 War Games Con should definitely do so.  
I’ll hope to see all of you are the next War Games Con.  As always, send your 40k thoughts and questions to me at [email protected] 

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