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40k Hobby: Assault Cannon Razorback Turrets

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Aug 3 2011

Here’s a conversion solution that’s near and dear to all of us Astartes players, the TL Assault Cannon Razorback.  Since all of the new Space Marine books came out with rules this newfangled turret, they have been in super high demand.

Unfortunately the only way to actually get one is the Land Raider Crusader / Redeemer kit for $66, a price which has made the turret itself go for $20 or more on the secondary market.

Sad Converting Panda….
But wait! There is a better way!   All you have to do to make one cheap is get some Assault Cannons and just add them to the ends of a twin linked Heavy Bolter turret (which tend to be valued far lower than Assault Cannon turrets BTW).  The conversion it self is very easy, and just involves a few straight cuts, and some plastic glue.  So, let’s get to it shall we?
To start you need a good clean cutting blade, some plastic glue (I recommend Testor’s with precision applicator tip), Assault Cannons, and a twin linked Heavy Bolter Turret.



First off take the Heavy Bolter bits and cut them as shown in the pic. If you get an uneven cut, make sure to file it down so the assault cannon will fit flush.



Now take the Assault Cannon bits, and cut them as shown, again taking care to cut it straight so the pieces will fit flush together.



You should end up with something that looks about like this, Heavy Bolter mounts, and Assault Cannon barrels.  All that’s left to do is to glue them together, and build the rest of the turret assembly.




Viola, an Assault Cannon turret on the cheap!  Recently I had to make six of these for my Iron Hands Razorbacks, and even though I have access to a ton of bits, I’m sure glad they didn’t cost me $20 a pop!


Deploy the fleet! Make for the Hoth system.

How many Razorbacks are too many anyways? I’m looking at you Space Wolf players! Hope this tutorial helps!

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