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Hard Boyz, I Want to Love You. Again.

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Aug 2 2011

My Terrible Tuesday article is a great product review, which you’ll see later today at 2pm.  Still and all, I couldn’t help wanting to write a gloriously useless article… and what’s more uselessly fun than Hard Boyz?

Hello all and sundry, Brent from Strictly Average here again, ready to *shamelessly beg for your attention* – exciting, right?

So, where was I?

Ah, yes.  Hard Boyz.

Who else suppresses the urge to laugh whenever they say it?  If wargaming is ever the subject of an adult video, there’s your title.

Luck Be a Lady…

It’s billed as the “Scratch and Claw” event of the year, GW’s contribution to the competitive scene… but how much is it, really?  Don’t get me wrong, list design and game play are important, but with only three rounds luck plays a considerable factor.

One the same subject, here’s a comment JWolf made on my blog, Strictly Average, after Hard Boyz 2009.

There are a lot of random factors that go into winning tournaments and being at the top tables at the end, and these are more important as the number of rounds is reduced. With the scenarios given (at Hard Boyz Chicago, 2009 – Brent), I would have expected more Mech Eldar at the top tables and fewer Orks, but it seems like people got more aggressive for the finals than I would have thought. Aggressive deployments helped Nick to win, but would have been very problematic if his opponents had seized the initiative (probably not nearly as much in scenario 1; Dawn of War is really great for a Guard Alpha army). This takes nothing from Nick, because after all other factors are figured, he won, and no amount of kvetching changes that.

Let me spell this out to avoid confusion: I’m using this quote to support my argument luck plays a larger factor as the tournament rounds are reduced.  Given how obvious that is, I’ll avoid further wordiness on the subject, but if you disagree please comment!

Can Someone Support the Prize Support?

I didn’t get to play last year – stupid graduation – but the year before I made it to the finals in Chicago…

… and I’m actually the one who took the now-famous picture of Nick accepting his prize for winning.  As you may remember, he destroyed the opposition with the now infamous Leaf Blower, securing the booby prize of Internet-Hate forever after!  Ah, if only I was so lucky – you can’t pay for advertising that good!


Moving on, how did I feel about fighting it out over two different tournaments in two different cities to secure a spot to the main event?  Great!

At first.  Another quote sums up how it all felt later…

I can understand that this was a free tournament, but with the money that was spent with airfare, hotel, and food I would have liked to have walked away with something other than a small patch. Last year everyone got a figurine, and they gave away a ton of prizes. I wouldn’t have cared if someone else got a prize, it would have been nice just to see some people win something. I did have a great time meeting gamers, and enjoyed getting stomped, but I would not have gone knowing that the prize support was going to be crap. I’m sorry I did forget that the two guys that had a table fall over destroying there armys got some compensation prizes. Next year if I am lucky enough to make it to the big dance, I won’t even consider going.

That was my buddy Big Whit, who made the journey with me.  We live in North Texas, so how cheap do you think it was to secure a plane ticket and a hotel room for the weekend?  How did we feel after learning 2009 was the first year GW flaked on prize support?

Let me sum it up this way:  crushing disappointment.

The winner of Round II earned a new army.  Nick got a big hammer and a 100 dollar voucher for GW online.

Who was the real winner?

I Hate That I Love You

So am I bowing out this year?  Hell no!

I’m just not going to take it so seriously – it ain’t worth it.  This year, it’s for fun.


And if I happen to get lucky and strike that rare balance of luck and skill required to advance to the final round…

…forget it!  Ain’t making that mistake again.


Games Workshop, 

If you’re reading this, please change my mind.  Announce you’ve learned from past mistakes!  Give away toys again; after all, you know and I know it’s never free.  I just want to love you again!  So stop beating me.  As much.

Signed, Brent


Are you going to be there this Saturday?  What are your thoughts?  What are your lists?  C’mon, share!

Oh, and as far as pictures… it really only needed the one, right?  

So, thoughts?  Comments?  Hugs and Gropings?

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