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40K Rumors: Necron Vehicles

Aug 1 2011

Some new tidbits are floating around out there for what is said to be the next codex arriving in Q4 this year.

Lets take a look at the purported Necron transports…

Transport ALPHA: Open-topped, Skimmer, 10 model capacity, AV:11 all round.
@120 pts

Transport BETA: Fast, Skimmer, 15 model capacity, AV:11 all round.
@150 pts

Transport GAMMA: Jetbike, 1 model capacity (for HQ-ICs), Gause Flayers/Blasters.
@60 pts

Vehicle Upgrade: Quantum Shielding (cost based on vehicle) – AV of vehicle Front and Sides is +2 until a Glancing or Penetrating hit is scored. Also grants Living Metal benefits.

~Standard Caveats apply.  Still, with the earlier rumors saying the Necrons are moving towards a slower, cheaper, more horde-like “Tomb Kings in space” feel, transports would be critical to get your models around the table.  Looks like they are trying some very new concepts here, almost like a larger, slower but tougher version of the Dark Eldar tranport range.

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