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40K RUMORS: Sisters of Battle Costing Tidbits

Aug 24 2011

The highly anticipated Sister of Battle army list is just around the corner, and the internet is atwitter.  Here’s the latest word on the Sororitas:

via Blood of Kittens:

Regular Sisters 12 pts each
Cannoness 65 pts base
Confessor 75pts base
Preacher 45 pts base
St. Celestine 115 pts
Repentia 90 pts 4 + 1 Mistress
Celestian & Seraphim 15 pts each
Retributer 85pts for max heavy bolters (4)
Exorcists 135pts base

That first line is the real make or break one for the entire list.  The cost of each basic Battle Sister is key.

~You can follow along in the Lounge here.  More details as they appear.  Have at it folks. 

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