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40K-WFB NEWS: Chaos Daemons & Dark Eldar Minis

Aug 21 2011

Chaos Daemons and the Dark Eldar get some new plastic (and Finecast) additions this weekend folks…

Chaos Daemons Battalion / Battleforce $105
Chaos Daemons Herald of Tzeentch on Disc of Tzeentch (Finecast) $38
The Changeling (Finecast) $18.25
Chaos Daemons Bloodthirster (Finecast) $57.75
Chaos Daemons Lord of Change (Finecast) $57.75

Dark Eldar Ur-Ghul (Finecast) $15.25
Dark Eldar Medusae (Finecast) $15.25
Inquisitor Karamazov (Finecast) $53.75

~At this point, almost the entire Dark Eldar range is complete, (not too bad for less than 12 months since they were rolled out.)  This stuff is on shelves right now, who’s in?

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